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Finding & Selecting An Animal Hospital

If you're a pet owner, finding and selecting a local animal hospital or animal clinic for the emergency and check-up needs of your pet is very important. Providing your pet(s) with fresh water, a balanced diet, and exercise are just the first steps toward them having healthier and longer lives. Another important step is for you to take your pet(s) to the veterinarian or animal hospital for annual physical exams, vaccinations, and dental care.

Here we'll seek to provide you with information to assist you in the process of finding and selecting a good animal hospital.

Some questions and considerations:

  • Is the animal hospital or clinic a member of a respected animal hospital association such as the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)?
  • Do they have procedural guidelines; for example, for dog vaccinations, all dogs are different and so vaccine decisions should be made on an individual basis for each dog. Issues to consider include the age, breed, health status, environment, lifestyle, and travel habits of the dog. Health threats may vary from city to city and even in various sections of cities.
  • Do you have a suitable outlet to complain if you're not happy about the care your pet received

Featured Association
The Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA) - dedicated to excellence, exists to support individuals in veterinary practice management. The association's culture provides the opportunity to develop proficiency, to promote networking, and to encourage adherence to the associations Code of Ethics.

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