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Zoloft Side Effects

As with any other drug, there are potential side effects for patients that take Zoloft. Every patient's condition and situation is different, so whether or not there are side effects, it depends on the individual, likewise the number and intensity of these side effects.

Some of the more common Zoloft Side Effects
Abdominal pain, anxiety, agitation, headache, decreased appetite, increased sweating, constipation, decreased sex drive, tremor, vision problems, vomiting, diarrhea or loose stools, difficulty with ejaculation, dizziness, dry mouth, fatigue, gas, indigestion, insomnia, nausea, nervousness, pain, rash, sleepiness, sore throat, tingling or pins and needles

Less common or rare side effects that may result from taking Zoloft
Hair loss, heart attack, hemorrhoids, pain upon urination, prolonged erection, hiccups, high blood pressure, high pressure within the eye (glaucoma), hearing problems, acne, allergic reaction, altered taste, back pain, blindness, breast development in males, breast pain or enlargement, breathing difficulties, bruise-like marks on the skin, cataracts, changeable emotions, chest pain, cold, clammy skin, conjunctivitis (pinkeye), coughing, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, double vision, dry eyes, eye pain, fainting, feeling faint upon arising from a sitting or lying position, swollen wrists and ankles, thirst, throbbing heartbeat, twitching, vaginal inflammation, hemorrhage or discharge, yawning, feeling of illness, female and male sexual problems, fever, fluid retention, flushing, frequent urination, hot flushes, impotence, inability to stay seated, increased appetite, increased salivation, increased sex drive, inflamed nasal passages, inflammation of the penis, intolerance to light, irregular heartbeat, itching, joint pains, kidney failure, lack of coordination, lack of sensation, leg cramps, menstrual problems, low blood pressure, migraine, movement problems, muscle cramps or weakness, need to urinate during the night, nosebleed, purplish spots on the skin, racing heartbeat, rectal hemorrhage, respiratory infection/lung problems, ringing in the ears, rolling eyes, sensitivity to light, sinus inflammation, skin eruptions or inflammation, sleepwalking, sores on tongue, speech problems, stomach and intestinal inflammation, swelling of the face and throat

Zoloft may also cause some emotional or mental or emotional symptoms
Exaggerated feeling of well-being, abnormal dreams or thoughts, memory loss, paranoia, rapid mood shifts, aggressiveness, depersonalization ("unreal" feeling), hallucinations, impaired concentration, suicidal thoughts, tooth-grinding, worsened depression

Side effects other than those listed above can occur. Be sure to let a doctor know if any of your side effects are particularly bothersome or seem unusual.

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